Tree Pruning, Trimming and Reducing in Dublin

At Derek Maher Tree Care, our tree surgeons our highly trained and can perform tree pruning, trimming and reductions in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Tree pruning can be required for a number of different reasons. For instance, overgrown limbs can overcrowd other specimens and make things look informal, block the essential light to other trees, shrubs, plants and even your garden area. Another good reason to prune your tree/trees is to reduce weighty limbs which are susceptible to damage from wind or just weight alone. With Derek Maher Tree Care you can minimise damage from high winds and storms by maintaining your trees.

How we carry out tree pruning

Before any pruning is carried out, we will assess your trees individually and decide the best possible course of action in relation to your tree species, shape, size and condition. Your trees will be pruned efficiently to maintain an even balance and safe condition. All branches will be cut optimally to reduce the risk of tearing and infections.

To avoid damaged to your trees and surrounding areas, we use the latest tree surgery techniques to ensure the safe lowering of large limbs and branches. All pruning will be carried out in a controlled manner by using lowering ropes and or slings where necessary. If your tree has dead, storm damaged or diseased branches they will be cut back to the relevant branch collar.

We will make appropriate cuts to the branch collar. This will ensure tree health and balance while obtaining the desired overall shape of the tree.

Tree Pruning Services in Dublin

Pruning is the correct term for the removal of any live part of a tree; this can also be known as tree trimming or tree cutting. It should preferably be carried out using a branch collar to give the tree its best chance of healing the resulting wound. There are various types of pruning that can be done:

Tree Crown Cleaning in Dublin

Removal of dead and dying wood; stumps of broken or poorly cut branches; unwanted epicormic shoots. Crown cleaning can also include the removal of unwanted climbing plants such as ivy or foreign objects such as wires.

Tree Crown Lifting in Dublin

Lower Branches are removed to effectively raise the crown, which is the whole branch structure of the tree. This is a very useful treatment of large garden trees where shading is a problem, as the light can come in underneath the tree.

Tree Crown Thinning in Dublin

Crown density is reduced by the removal of selected branches from the whole crown, but the overall shape and size of the tree is maintained. This is normally done as a weight reduction method if a significant structural weakness is identified in the stem or major branches. It is also done to reduce damage that could result from crown resistance to strong winds or to allow more light through a tree.

If you require any of our tree surgery services, simply use the quick quote form or alternately you can call us on 01-857 4255 / 087-131 8487