Tree Removal Services Dublin

Tree Felling is the complete removal of a tree usually carried out for a specific reason. At Derek Maher Tree Care based in Dublin, we will always strive to retain all trees when possible. However, situations do arise that make it necessary  to fully remove the tree due to poor tree health or safety reasons.

Often trees are planted in locations where they quickly outgrow their environment. Trees can also become problematic and may lean dangerously close to homes, buildings, cables, parking or driveways.

Tree Felling Services in Dublin

Our tree surgeons are experts at tree felling and provide a wide range of tree surgery services in and around the Dublin area.

Derek Maher Tree Care arborists are professional and have extensive experience in felling trees and removing them. We’re well equipped for all types of tree surgery work. We have years of experience in whole tree and sectional dismantling and felling. We will safely complete any job regardless of location, size or condition. We have the necessary equipment and experience in the safe sectional dismantling of large trees where straight forward felling is not an option.

Our Tree Surgeons are fully trained insured and certified in all aspects of Felling Trees and all work is carried out to professional  standards and practices.

Sectioning/Sectional Tree Felling

Tree Sectioning or section felling is the dismantling of a tree in tight situations where high value properties of all kinds are beneath the tree. The dismantling of trees in sections is a highly skilled operation where small errors could cause lots of damage and be very costly.

Our expert tree surgeons are highly skilled in navigating through tight spaces and have carried out section tree felling in very tight situations. Section felled trees will be cut and lowered down from the crown to the ground using up to date rigging techniques ensuring no damage is caused. This is a highly skilled operation and requires a professional tree surgeon.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight felling is where a tree is cut from the base and allowed to fall to the ground in a controlled manner. However in Dublin this is not often possible for large trees as considerable space is required.

The straight fell of larger trees is usually only carried out in forest work or properties with enough space. For the straight felling of smaller trees this is much easier and can be carried out safely in a lot of gardens and properties. We do however try to use slings and ropes to safely bring trees down where ever possible.

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