We work on both commercial and domestic contracts in and around and across Dublin.  We are one of the region’s leading commercial and domestic tree surgeons..  Our staff are all fully trained and experienced so you can be assured of the care and quality we provide at all times.

We only use the most up to date tree surgery techniques and equipment to ensure that your trees are cared for and maintained with minimal disruption.

We take pride in making sure that our team are always up to date on industry knowledge and experience, and our team of qualified tree surgeons are always on hand to provide educated advice and guidance when you need it.

Tree Felling Services

From the smallest shrub to the largest tree in an awkward place we will endeavour to carry out a professional tree felling service  and remove whatever is required with the minimal of upheaval to the client and surrounding area.

  • Crown lifting – is the removal of lower branches to an agreed height for example over footpaths or roads by pruning to an upward growing part of the branch or back to the main stem. Used where low branches are causing an obstruction or encroaching on buildings.
  • Crown thinning – the aim of crown thinning is to reduce crown density without altering the overall size or shape of the tree. This work will reduce weight on branches and cut down on wind resistance, thereby reducing the potential for storm damage.
  • Crown reduction and reshaping – the aim is to make the crown of the tree smaller without unduly spoiling the shape of the tree. The greater the amount removed, the more difficult it is to retain the natural shape.
  • Crown Cleaning – this is the removal of dead, broken, and crossing limbs, sucker sprouts on trunks, and weak or diseased limbs. We will specify the size of dead limbs to remove; usually 25mm diameter and larger. The purpose of the crown clean is to improve structure, appearance and health. The outside appearance of the canopy will be affected very little.

We have a variety of different sized stump grinding machines that can dispose of stumps of any size in most locations.

For difficult to reach areas or rough terrain, we have tracked machines, but for sensitive areas we have smaller wheeled machines that will travel over grass without marking.

Stump grinding is usually done as a separate job after (up to a week)  the tree removal. Stump grindings are usually raked into a pile over the hole or removed.

Derek Maher Tree Care is consistently recognised for its customer service, quality of work and safe methods of work. It is a reputation of which we are proud and are committed to maintaining.

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