In need of emergency Tree Surgeon Services in Dublin?

Derek Maher Tree Care provide emergency tree surgeons for all types of emergency tree work.

Derek Maher Tree Care get regular call outs for Emergency Tree Work across Dublin. Most of the calls we get are from frustrated clients with major damaged to their vehicles and property.

When a tree fails and falls it can cause major disruption to our daily lives. Roads, pavements and emergency access points can get blocked and cause all sorts of problems. Our emergency tree service is there for when you need these problems resolved fast and efficiently.

Our tree surgeons are on call to respond to these emergency situations. We can resolve the problem and get thing back to normal again.

Emergency Call out Procedure

  • Assessing the damage and finding a suitable course of action
  • Cutting up and removing fallen trees and other debris
  • Total clean up and removal of all waste
  • Ensuring the area is safe and accessible once operations are complete

Tree Care & Maintenance Services

No matter how fortunate we are, we always have to expect the unexpected. Damage to trees is one of those unexpected things but this can be prevented! The team at Dublin based Derek Maher Tree Care provides customers with an all-in-one solution for tree care and tree maintenance to help prevent the unexpected.

Without proper tree maintenance you run the risk of weak/dying trees damaging to your property, vehicles and even your home. This is usually due to bad weather, storms and also neglect (Knowingly/Unknowingly).

If you feel like your trees need inspecting, don’t hesitate to contact us any time of the day! We offer impartial & friendly advice and can even make arrangements for one of our fully qualified tree surveyors to come to you at your earliest convenience.

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