Dublin based Derek Maher Tree Care are experienced, professional, highly technical and customer focused tree surgeons, with an in depth understanding and appreciation of trees. Throughout our history we have maintained a genuine passion for what we do. This passion and commitment to excel in our field, to continuously develop our skills and enhance our knowledge ensures we maintain and build upon our exceptional service for all our customers.

Some of the services we provide are:


The tree is either felled or dismantled in sections. Felling dead, dying or diseased and damaged trees makes an area safer and allows other trees to thrive.


Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on other trees, homes and other structures, or cars. The weight of storm-damaged trees is great, and they can be dangerous to remove or trim. We can assist in performing the job in a safe manner, while reducing further risk of damage to property and the welfare of the public.


Derek Maher Tree Care has the capabilities to perform to the highest technical and safety standards, all variations of site clearance from private to commercial, from small to large.


We provide a hedge cutting service from small garden hedges to large boundary hedges. All hedge cutting operations are conducted following stringent safety and operational guidelines to ensure completion of the job in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Derek Maher Tree Care can grind stumps of any size and in awkward areas.


Derek Maher Tree Care and resources to conduct in-depth tree reports/surveys, which are carried out to asses the condition of any tree. All reports/surveys are carried out by a qualified arborist. Within the report/survey will be included recommendations for works to be carried out. Reports on recommended planting may also be provided. Following on from the results of your report, Derek Maher Tree Care will work closely with you to plan and perform the necessary works in a timely manner, ensuring you get the best industry service for the best value.

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