Derek Maher Tree Care, based in Dublin  take the risk out of removing trees from your property. Depending on the size, type, age and condition of a tree, this task can quickly become hazardous. For that reason, tree removal is best handled by certified arborists! With over 20 years serving the greater Dublin area, we have the staff and equipment to remove trees without harming the environment, your property or nearby trees and structures.

Derek Maher Tree Care strive to achieve a low impact tree removal through our tried and true, methodical process. This ensures that your surrounding landscape is not harmed or bothered in the process. It is important to keep an eye on your trees. As trees age they can sometimes be the victim of stresses and diseases. It is imperative that as trees lose their structural integrity, they be removed to prevent damage to you, your family, your employees or your property.

Waking up in the morning to find a tree lying across the driveway can be a shock. Worse yet, hearing an ear-splitting crash in the middle of the night and waking to find part of a tree protruding through the roof can be horrifying. This is where Derek Maher Tree Care can come to the rescue.

Tree Felling vs. Tree Removal

Tree felling is the process involved in bringing a tree down safely. Tree removal, on the other hand, involves completely removing trees from property. The two are very similar, and one service may be performed without the other. For example, if a tree falls on your property due to wind or other acts of nature, you can call a company to remove that tree for you. On the other hand, if a tree on your property has died and you need someone to take it down, you would ask for tree felling, instead.

Tree Removal Costs

The costs of removing a tree may vary depending on a number of things. Larger trees often cost more to remove than smaller trees simply because there is more work involved. Trees that have already fallen on homes, buildings or other structures pose special dangers to the tree specialist as well as to the structural integrity of the building and may require additional costs to remove. Trees that are dangerously close to power lines or buildings require special attention and sometimes extra costs are involved in order for Derek Maher Tree Care to safely take the tree away.

Circumstances for Removing Trees

There are various circumstances that may call for a removal of a tree or group of trees. It is not always fallen trees that need to be removed. Sometimes businesses that are expanding need for a site to be cleared of trees. Other times people in residential neighbourhoods need to have a tree removed when it has grown too large for an area or is too close to the home.  Dublin based Derek Maher Tree Care is able to remove and carry away trees of all shapes and sizes and from all kinds of locations.

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