If you have a tree growing on your property, you may be in two minds about whether to have it felled. Reluctance is perfectly understandable, given that trees often improve a property by providing a bit of picturesque greenery. On the other hand, there are certain circumstances where trees can pose a threat to people and buildings; under these circumstances, it’s best to just bite the bullet and have the tree removed. So what problems do you need to look out for?

The issue that most people are aware of is subsidence, which can occur when a tree’s roots take too much moisture from the soil, causing it to shrink and thereby fail to support structures with weaker foundations built on top of it. Not all soils are shrinkable, however, and the problem is largely confined to certain types of clay soil. Additionally, trees will only cause subsidence during long, dry spells, because the soil must already have lost most of its moisture before roots can take enough of it to cause it to shrink.

All that being said, the problem is not entirely uncommon and if you start to notice any subsidence issues with your property, it’s worth considering tree removal. Tree roots can sometimes cause problems in another way too. Because they always grow towards water, a tree’s roots will sometimes grow into drains and block them, causing them to burst. Older drains, which may have ineffective seals, are the most prone to this problem, as small quantities of water tend to escape from them, thus attracting roots.

Finally, one should always be aware of the physical damage a large tree could cause if one of its limbs were to fall or if the main trunk were to collapse. This can often happen to trees during intense storms or high winds, but larger, older trees are the most at risk. Younger trees tend to be more flexible and are less likely to fall or lose a branch in violent weather. If you do have a large, old tree growing on your property, it’s worth considering tree surgery to get rid of potentially hazardous branches. It may even be that the risk of the trunk collapsing is high enough to warrant tree removal. This is a particular issue if the tree has already begun the onset of decay from fungi or bacteria. Because of the number of potential problems posed by trees, if you have a substantial specimen growing on your property, the safest course of action is to have it surveyed.

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