Derek Maher Tree Care – care passionately about trees and understand the value they have in our surroundings.  Trees play a vital role in improving the environment we live in, whether that is an inner city estate or a rural town.  Trees are very important to offset the effects of climate change.

We work proactively with our clients to find ways to increase the number of trees they plant.  No planting job is too small or too large; we plant trees as whips right up to trees with a large tonne root ball.

Due to the large number of trees we plant, we have  a vast amount of experience when it comes to tree planting.  This, combined with the variety of sites, species and sizes we plant puts us in a unique position to be able to provide first class advice, service and value for money for our clients.

You can also rest assured that safety is top of our agenda.

We offer a complete Site Surveying an Advisory Service using fully trained and qualified personnel.  Wherever your site or development is situated,  we will be able to safely locate the most suitable location to plant trees.

Tree Selection

This is your opportunity to improve your environment and make a difference.  Whilst we can advise you on scheme and species suitability, the types and sizes of trees you choose are limited only by your imagination.

Tree Planting

All tree specimens are different in their needs and require different methods of planting to ensure a healthy life.  Whether bare root, air pot, containerized, root ball, deep or shallow pit, staking or ground anchoring, we have the teams, the knowledge, the equipment and the experience to provide perfect planting.  Your tree will be given the best possible start in life.

Correct planting is absolutely critical for tree establishment, so if you are inexperienced with tree planting, we highly recommend you avail of our tree planting services.

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