At Derek Maher Tree Care, we can take care of all aspects of hedge & shrub pruning on residential and commercial properties across Dublin

From regular trimming and controlling of overgrown boundaries to pruning, we can help to ensure that your privacy is maintained whilst keeping your garden looking beautiful.

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We can help keep your garden or commercial property looking fantastic all year round!

Derek Maher Tree Care offer regular maintenance of gardens and plantation, trimming and cutting hedges.

Derek Maher Tree Care provides a professional hedge pruning services tailored to your requirements, whether you need regular hedge trimming or an annual prune. Pruning and cutting back will take place during winter months depending on variety and species. We can also extend our hedge services to include small trees and shrubs to keep your garden tidy.

Using the latest hedge pruning equipment, we can quickly keep your hedges under control and in good shape. We can also trim small trees and shrubs. All cuttings are removed and disposed of responsibly, and we will always rake and sweep up before we leave.

At Derek Maher Tree Care our professional hedge cutting specialists have years of experience with hedge size reduction, hedge cutting and can deal with all types of hedge trimming work.

We provide professional hedge cutting and garden maintenance services for commercial grounds for larger establishments. and can trim and reduce all sizes and heights of hedges.

Let us take care of the hard work for you.