Our Dublin based tree surgeons are well equipped to carry out demanding tree maintenance services. As the capital city, Dublin requires meticulous tree healthcare services all year round. The city has such a wealth of parks, green spaces and areas planted with trees that it is a huge task to ensure that they are all kept as healthy as possible.

At Derek Maher Tree Care we are proud of the quality of our tree maintenance services that protect and enhance the health of Dublin’s trees. We believe proper maintenance is at the heart of good tree care. Whilst property owners may think an extra pair of hands is all that is needed to tend their trees, we know that it is an undertaking that requires the expertise of professionals.

Meticulous and careful planning is needed to care for trees. We know that there are several factors to consider, including the age and species of the tree, its location, its condition and, of course, the wishes of the property owner.

 In our years of service, we have learned that clear communication with our clients is necessary. As your trusted tree surgeons, we will keep you informed at every step of the process. We will work closely with you, will complete the task quickly and will deliver excellent results.

Our expertise means that we can give you credible and impartial advice on the services you need. Our commitment to provide honest and dependable tree care services means that we will not undertake any unnecessary work.