Once trees have been felled to ground level, it is usually necessary to remove the remaining tree stump, especially within the urban environment, where space is valuable. This requires specialist machinery and trained staff.
There are a few reasons why getting rid of the old wood is beneficial for your yard and garden. The most obvious reason is aesthetics. An ugly stump can detract from the beauty of your garden, so getting rid of it will enhance your landscaping.

Secondly, if the stump is in the middle of your garden or is in the way of installing a walkway, driveway or patio, or otherwise making a space unusable, getting rid of it is usually the only option.

Old stumps that have been in your garden for years can rot and start to attract mould and fungi, which can contaminate the rest of your garden, harming or even killing other plant life. Of course, removing a stump will also prevent an unwanted tree from growing back.

Derek Maher Tree Care has the skill, expertise and state-of-the-art safety equipment to safely complete any stump grinding task. Regardless of size, condition or location, with our extensive knowledge and experience of removing stumps in even the most extreme of circumstances, you can put your trust in the fully-qualified hands of Derek Maher Tree Care.

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