Although stumps can be left in the ground after tree felling, the decision to leave them in situ can, in some cases, be problematic. It’s not just their unsightly nature and potential obstruction of future landscaping projects; the likelihood of the stump forming new shoots and possibly spreading root diseases such as honey fungus needs to be taken into account.

Paying that little bit extra for stump removal at the same time the tree is felled often makes the most economic sense. Of course, stumps are often large and heavy and as such require the right equipment and techniques to be successfully removed. Derek Maher Tree Care suppy specialist stump grinders – which are tracked to allow for jobs where access is across rough terrain and our smaller grinder is perfect for hard to reach stumps where access is limited. Our arborists receive regular update training on the best stump removal techniques and how to minimise ground disturbance to leave a completely clear patch of ground where the tree once stood.

When a stump is removed using a grinder, the resultant chips will not be removed unless specified. This is because they become incorporated with the soil and begin to decompose quite rapidly.