Derek Maher Tree Care can plant trees of all sizes and specifications for properties in Dublin and the surrounding counties.

Tree Planting: Careful consideration needs to be taken before planting tree/trees. Inexperienced and DIY tree planting can be disappointing and costly particularly when you wish to plant mature trees. You also need to consider where you locate your trees when plating to avoid underground cables and services.

Derek Maher Tree Care are experts at planting trees. Our team has planted many trees for customers and businesses in and around the Dublin area.

We can help you make the right choices when deciding which tree to plant, from sourcing the best specimens, planting the tree to your specifications and also advice on tree aftercare and maintenance.

 We have the experience to get your tree into your garden safely and the man power to situate your trees to your specific requirements.

Tree Planting Service

Our team can customize planting needs to suit your requirements. This applies to young and adult trees.

The first step is deciding where to position the plant; this is known as marking or setting out.

Once an appropriate site is located we can then excavate the planting pit or pits.

We will then place the tree into its hole and fill it with a suitable composition.

After the tree pit has been backfilled, we’ll use stakes and anchoring to firmly secure the tree. Once the above is complete, we’ll remove any excess soil and give the tree some water to ensure its health.

Tree Aftercare and Maintenance

If you need advice on tree aftercare and maintenance we’ll be happy to help, contact us for more information.