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Sometimes complete tree removal is necessary and hopefully it can be replanted with a new one. Every tree varies in size and location and our staff are highly skilled in the safe removal of any sized tree in any location. Felling allows the arborist to fell the whole tree from the ground.

Sectional felling means that the tree is felled in sections. These are usually rigged down to prevent damage to your property. If the tree has become unsafe to climb and cannot be felled, a work platform (cherry picker) or crane may be required to make sure the whole operation is safe.

About Derek Maher Tree Care

 Fully insured professional tree surgery company with over 15 years experience based in Dublin, Ireland.

Derek Maher
Derek MaherOwner
Tree Care and Removal Specialists

We undertake a wide variety of tree care services, from general tidy-ups (thinning, dead wooding, hedge maintenance) to more substantial tree shaping, size reduction and, where necessary, partial dismantling and tree felling where there is a health & safety issue or where disease has taken hold.

  • Fully insured
  • An experienced and professional tree surgery company based in Dublin
  • Over 20 years experience between the UK and Ireland
  • Qualification in arboriculture from Myerscough College, Preston, UK

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What Our Customers Say

Just wanted to say that I engaged Derek to remove and make safe an apple tree that was suffering from a fungal infection in my property in Ranelagh. Derek proved to be extremely knowledgeable, professional and efficient in every aspect of the job- arranging site access, assessment of the problem, communication and carrying out the necessary remedial work. Thank you to Derek.

Jamie Watt

“May I say thank you for the work which you did which was just what we wanted. The garden looks so much better now. Thanks for cleaning every last scrap of the debris.”

Aaron O'Reilly

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