Tree Felling Dublin

Safe tree felling and removal in Dublin by local expert Derek Maher

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Tree felling is the process of cutting down a tree and removing all waste including brushwood, branches, and logs. It is commonly referred to as tree removal and there is no difference between the terms. There are two methods for removing trees and the technique used will mainly come down to available space. Sectioning/Sectional Tree

Tree Felling and Removal Dublin

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At Derek Maher Tree Care, we are specialists at tree felling and removal. Whether it is for safety, as a result of infection or rot from within the tree, or just because it has far outgrown its space, we have the skill, expertise and state-of-the-art safety equipment to safely complete any tree felling task. Regardless

Tree Felling Services Dublin

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Derek Maher Tree Care provide section tree felling services when a tree has to be taken down and is in an awkward location, with multiple structures that can be damaged. This means that the tree needs to be felled in sections using advanced rigging techniques and in some occasions using a crane. The process begins

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