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Tree Care & Tree Surgery Services Dublin

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Derek Maher Tree Care provides tree surgery services for Dublin and beyond. If you need reliable, qualified tree surgeons at competitive rates, call Dublin’s No.1 team. Healthy trees on your property help to create a to a healthier living environment. The friendly experts at Derek Maher Tree Care offer a wide range of solutions to

Professional Tree Pruning Services

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Is your tree in need of a beautiful trim? Get a long-lasting professional cut that will save you money. We provide tree pruning, tree trimming and tree reductions for any species of tree in Dubin and the surronding areas. Unpruned trees can cause you the following problems: Overgrown tree limbs will being to overcrowd other species

No. 1 Tree Stump Removal Specialists

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We've been providing a professional tree stump removal service for over 2 decades, using the most modern and efficient machinery to cause minimum ground disturbance. Derek Maher Tree Care pride ourselves in providing a service that leaves our customers completely happy with the work carried out, including leaving the area tidy after completion. If you've got

How Do I Know if a Tree Needs To Be Removed?

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It’s important to remember that dead or dying trees or branches can fall at any moment, not just during severe weather and storms. Tree removal can be a dangerous task that should not be attempted by a homeowner. Attempting to remove a tree or branch yourself can create a very dangerous situation in which both people and property can

Tree Removal Services in Dublin

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Tree Felling & Removal – North & South Dublin & the surrounding areas Derek Maher Tree Care are one of Dublin’s leading Domestic and Commercial Tree Surgery Companies providing Tree Removal, Tree Pruning & Felling, Stump Removal services. Derek Maher Tree Care are a fully qualified & insured, professional and recommended Tree Removal company. Tree felling

When should you have a tree removed?

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If you have a tree growing on your property, you may be in two minds about whether to have it felled. Reluctance is perfectly understandable, given that trees often improve a property by providing a bit of picturesque greenery. On the other hand, there are certain circumstances where trees can pose a threat to people

Tree Felling Services Dublin

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With over 15 years experience in arboriculture and a wealth of expert knowledge, we offer a comprehensive tree management service including removal, pruning, inspections and tree removal services. We are a local Dublin based business that thrives on recommendation and can cater to our clients needs in a way that larger companies can only aspire

Professional Tree Surgeons Dublin

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There are many Tree Cutters, Arborists, Tree Felling and removal companies across Dublin who offer a reasonable standard of efficiency in carrying out a Professional Tree Cutting Service, and many who do not. At Derek Maher Tree Care, we offer a different level of tree care services. We offer our customers a better understanding of

Professional Tree Removal in Dublin is what we do

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Derek Maher Tree Care, based in Dublin  take the risk out of removing trees from your property. Depending on the size, type, age and condition of a tree, this task can quickly become hazardous. For that reason, tree removal is best handled by certified arborists! With over 20 years serving the greater Dublin area, we

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